A parcel in Plantation Acres that is platted for 11 homes (one per acre) is under consideration to be rezoned to 42 homes.



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The Issue

Plantation Acres is one of the few remaining South Florida neighborhoods with wide open spaces and a rural feel. Most of us moved to our wonderful neighborhood because we wanted a community that would provide a safe and tranquil place to raise our children among nature.

In fact, Plantation’s Future Land Use Policy 1.5.2 specifically states, “The city shall continue to support the low density rural character of its western border including Plantation Acres by discouraging increased density both residential and non-residential use. This policy is applicable to both City development and its adjacent municipalities.”

Currently, there are 3 parcels within the Central Acres where developers are lobbying the City of Plantation to rezone for higher density than the current zoning designation of “one home per acre”.

The most current (and most dense) proposed development has targeted the southwest corner of 4th Street and Old Hiatus Road. The parcel is platted for 11 homes, one per acre. However, the developers have proposed a development of 42 homes! After easements and setbacks, that would be equivalent to nearly 6 homes per acre!

Allowing developers to build such a dense community will bring more traffic and higher noise levels and would set a precedent in our community to build additional high-density projects which would ultimately adversely affect the value of our homes, it’s rural character and the charm of our community.


Please help keep Plantation Acres the place we know, love and call home.

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This Affects Us All

The Developer Is Attempting To Destroy Our One Home Per Acre Lifestyle

The future of our tranquil community will result in a significant increase in traffic and noise levels. Additionally, the proposed design of the new home models is for the homes to be very similar to one another, resulting in an aesthetic effect of row housing, which will adversely affect our property values. The developer is trying to cram 42 homes on 11 acres, this will bring an end to our rural community lifestyle.


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