THANKS TO ALL FOR SHOWING UP, STANDING UP AND SPEAKING UP at the October 6 city council meeting.

Last night’s council meeting was pleasantly enlightening as I believe the residents are finally being heard and understood by council in regards to excluding the Acres from FLEX Rules and the Reflections in the Acres project.

Over the last year this campaign has brought our community together in a true bi-partisan effort and showed all involved the power of working together towards a common goal.

The future of Plantation is in the hands of ALL Plantation residents, and you can make a difference. It is urgent that we all stay engaged and get more Plantation residents engaged.

In this light if you or someone you know HAVE NOT already done any of the following, please do:


Help us tell the City of Plantation not to approve any rezoning in Plantation Acres or the surrounding area. If you are 18 or over and living in Plantation, please sign our petition. Even if you’ve already signed our petition, please fill out this form. We need verifiable information that you are a Plantation resident.

Sign The Petition

Request A FREE Lawn Sign!

We have already placed hundreds of "Tell City Hall No To Re-Zoning" lawn signs, and just received a new shipment! If you have ordered a sign it will be delivered and installed shortly. If you have not yet ordered your FREE Lawn Sign please click below and we will deliver to your home asap!

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Write the Mayor and City Council Members!

Help keep Plantation Acres the place we know, love and call home. Write to the Mayor and City Council Members! Let them know how you feel! Click on each email address below to send your letter.

Please include your name and address in your letter otherwise it will not be considered. And be sure to copy the clerk ( and Save Our Acres ( so your letter goes on record.

Lynn Stoner,
Denise Horland, Councilmember —
Erik Anderson,
Nick Sortal, Councilmember
Timothy J. Fadgen, Councilmember
Jennifer Andreu, Councilmember

Or click the button below to send one letter to everyone.

This button will automatically open a blank email to the Mayor, City Clerk and Council Members. Please add your own message as well as your name and address where indicated otherwise it will not be considered.

Write Mayor & Council Members

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