We, the residents of Plantation Acres call for the Dissolution of the Plantation Acres Improvement District (PAID)

Do you want to see more of your money go towards flood control and water management in Plantation Acres? By signing this petition, you can help us dissolve PAID and transfer its responsibilities to the City of Plantation. This would allow us to benefit from the city's existing resources and potentially streamline administration, ultimately directing more funds towards protecting our community from floods.

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Here are 10 Reasons Why

Dissolving PAID can redirect funds currently spent on administration (over 86%) towards directly improving water management and flood control in our community. more »

The City already has the resources for administration, potentially eliminating duplicate expenses currently paid for by PAID. more »

Leverage the City's existing staff and resources for improved management and oversight. more »

The City Council is directly accountable to residents, potentially leading to more responsive decision-making. more »

Eliminate redundancy between PAID and City operations, creating a more efficient system. more »

The City may have greater resources and authority for enforcing water management regulations. more »

This proposal comes from your neighbors who want to see positive change in our community. more »

Initial discussions with the Mayor, City Staff, and Council Members indicate they are open to exploring this option. more »

The transition plan will take 1-2 years, ensuring a smooth and well-communicated process. more »

Dissolving PAID allows us to prioritize the direct protection of our community from floods. more »

Is Plantation Acres Improvement District (PAID) Our Best Option for Flood Protection and Water Management?

Are you concerned about flooding in Plantation Acres? Many residents believe the City of Plantation can manage flood control and water management better than the current provider, Plantation Acres Improvement District (PAID).

The Problem
  • PAID has a budget of over $2,000,000 funded by Plantation Acres residents.
  • PAID spends 3/4 of its budget on administrative costs, instead of projects that directly prevent floods and manage water effectively.
  • PAID has a limited staff of only 5 employees to manage all Plantation Acres Water Management and Flood Control needs.
  • PAID has been unable to properly maintain and improve our Flood Control & Water Management resources.
A Better Way Forward

Some residents believe that dissolving PAID and giving its responsibilities to the City would be a major advantage with the main benefit being:

  • More Money for Flood Protection and Water Management: By eliminating duplicate administrative costs, and other financial redundancy, more money would be available for flood control and water management projects within Plantation Acres.
More of the City’s Advantages
  • The City HAS OVER 1,100 employees vs 5 at PAID.
  • The City has a proven track record of successful flood control and water management projects providing these services to the majority of Plantation residents.
  • The City has enforcement authority over water management and flood control issues, PAID does not.
  • The City participates in important State & Federal programs that may help secure public funding for some of our current and future needs, as well as save you money on flood insurance.
  • The City staff, Administration and City Council are accountable to the residents.
Important Note

We want to acknowledge the dedicated service of our PAID Commissioners. They are our neighbors and friends, just like you and I. The decision to dissolve PAID is not a reflection of their abilities, but rather due to the fact that the system created in 1963 is no longer the most efficient way to manage flood control and water management in today’s world.

What Can You Do?

Let's Work Together for a Safer Community

By bringing flood control and water management under the City's management, we will ensure our community receives the best possible protection from flooding and has a more sustainable water future.

Sign the Petition

So that PAID, The City Of Plantation, and The State Legislature will know you’re Up For Improved Water Management & Flood Control!

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